Thursday, December 9, 2010

Message from GPA/Emerald Coast President Anne Bollens

Thank you so very much! You and your bidders were very generous and very kind. We will use this donation to help move dogs from the Pensacola and Ebro tracks, here in the FL Panhandle, to non-racing states. We also currently have in our program several greyhounds who were formerly in the Ron Williams/Harold Williams kennel. We brought these dogs in from either Mobile or JCKC for placement through our program. It is thanks to the generosity of our friends that we are able to extend a helping hand to these guys to start them on their adoption journey.

The first 8 dogs, the ones who started the entire investigation of Ron Williams, have now been released by the sheriff’s department for adoptive placement. We will begin vetting them next week. I am so excited that we can now begin to help these hounds along the adoption path.

We deeply appreciate your time and effort on behalf of our greys,

Ann Bollens, President

GPA/Emerald Coast

Sunday, December 5, 2010

170.000 $ in fines and his license revoked

That's what the greyhoundtrainer that abused 37 greyhounds and killed most of them is facing according to the News Herald.
To me a disappointing result. It is very likely he will file for bankruptcy and will never be really punished for killing these poor animals.

The News Herald