Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So exited!!!

Today it was finally ready.
A project that I have been working on for quite a while now.
It was scary, nerve wrecking and totally went against my Dutch nature that told me it would never work.
How dare I think that people were waiting for this.
But…I was asked to do it, more then once.
And so, here it is…

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


With the last auction being a success I thought it would be quiet for a while.
Well, not so much, for some reason I ended up with a 12 week old puppy from Villa Galgos and thats not all.
October the 29th I will get on the plane to Madrid and visitSandra Baas and Villa Galgos for a week.
Hope to be able to post some pictures here afterwards.
If you want to learn more about the puppy, keep an eye on my other blog and you'll hear stories about the not so little anymore, guy.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Update on Villa Galgos

Up date on Villa Galgos (Villa del Rió, Córdoba)

Dear all,

Now 10 days after the terrible flood that destroyed most of our shelter I would like to let you now how we are doing at the moment.

All puppies and weak galgos are in foster care. The puppies where doing very badly and have been in the clinic for almost a week. They had both corona virus and parvo virus. Little Dali died but his brothers and sisters are doing much better and we think they will survive. 

Adult, weak galgos are in foster care and are doing alright. The dogs at the shelter have had severe diareah but are doing much better know. They have been under control of the vet that has come several time to the shelter and treated them. Unfortunately the vet bills will be very high this time.

Inside we have been able to clean everything, all mud out and the galgos are well taken care of. We bought a Karcher to clean. Now we have to start fixing the things that broke.

The outside is an other story, volunteers have been cleaning but we need to get the machines in.
Since the whole village was damaged finally tomorrow they will come and will clean the whole plot. 

After this we will start with the reconstruction of the outside.

An architect (for free) will look into this because we need to avoid floods in the future.

What has happened this time is a natural disaster but we have suffered floods before and will do all what is in our hands to avoid it and make sure the shelter is a safe and healthy place for our beloved galgos.

We have received donations from people and hope to collect some more in order to start building the new fences, doors etc…

I will keep you updated.

Best wishes,
Sandra Baas

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The auction is now closed

I would like to thank every one, the people who donated the goods, the people who placed their bids and my family for their patience.

The winners can expect an e-mail with further details this weekend.

If anyone still has questions or other remarks, the blog and the e-mail address stay open for comments.

On behalf of the galgo's of Villa Galgo…

Thank you !!!

The Little White Monster and Friends.

btw, donations are still very welcome. See the picture.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's auction time: Lets help the galgo's in Villa del Rio, Spain

Here is how it works:
  • The auction starts Monday, May 23 at 7 PM Eastern time and ends at Saturday, May 28,  1PM Eastern time.
  • You can put in a bid by sending an email with your name, your bid, the item number , if you want your name mentioned or if you want to stay anonymous.
  • If two emails come in with the same bid, the first e-mail in will get the bid.
  • Bidding ends Saturday May 28 at 1 PM Eastern time and emails coming in after that time will not be considered.
  • On Sunday the 29th, the highest bidders will get an email confirming their bid and information on how to send your payment.
  • We will accept Paypal and cheques.
  • The items will be sent after we get the payment confirmed
  • There will be no e-mails sent when you are outbid, please check the auction, we will update as much as possible.
  • For each item the shipping within the US is donated, If outside the US, winner pays the difference between US and overseas (out of the country) postage
        Send your bids to:  thelittlewhitemonster @    (without the spaces)
Bid high and often!
And you might want to come back to check on new items that might be added during this week.
Remember, all items and shipping are donated so the total of this small auction will go to   ASOCIACIÓN BAASGALGO.
To help rebuild the flooded shelter in Villa del Rio and provide the 100 galgo's that need shelter with a safe place again.

For more information you can visit their Facebook page. The page is in Spanish but there are photo updates almost every day. Or you can use to translate.

We would like to thank everyone, from the US and Europe who donated goods and time to help out.
We hope this small auction will be a big success.
The Little White Monster and Friends.

Here we go!!!

Item # 1    
One time only print of "the Dreamer", showing the Little White Monster herself   
Special because of the text around the print that will not be on any other version of this limited print.

"Once someone dreams a dream, it can't just drop out of existence. But if the dreamer can't remember it, what becomes of it?"
Michael Ende (The Neverending Story) 

Signed by the photographer.
12x12 inches, Lustre finish.

Donated by Petra Postma Photography
Starting bid is $ 40

- $50 Anonymous 
- $ 60 Cristina-$70 Anonymous
-$ 100 Hanny Maasdijk
-$ 150 Marc Vermeersch
-$ 175 Anonymous
-$ 200 Hannie Maasdijk
-$ 250 Jackie Leatham
-$ 275 Hannie Maasdijk
Item # 2  

For the fashionable dog, some very special dogbling.
Easy to move from one collar to another so you are always in style.
Created by Gerda Beintema from the Netherlands.

Donated by Gerda Beintema.


- $10 Anonymous
-$ 20 Anonymous

Item # 3       

A fun print of photographer Steve Uyehara 's own greyhounds, 
Sadie and Katie 
while they are digging holes
The print is a metallic print, size 8x12 inches

Donated by Steve Uyehara

-$ 15  Anonymous  
-$ 20 Pietje P
-$ 25 Anonymous
-$ 35 Susan

Item # 4         

Nothing better than homemade cookies, am I right?
Well, your dog will agree after tasting these!
1 pound of peanutbutter cookies 
and another pound of pumpkin/oatmeal cookies.

Donated by Andrea Beacham


- $10 Anonymous 
- $15 Aviva
- $30 Nancy 

- $ 50 Suzanne Donofrio
- $ 60 Anonymous

Item # 5          

Stroke of Green Collection: Greeting Cards and Blank Book
This selection of eco-friendly cards and hand-made blank book will cover all your occasions.  Included are a 10-pack of my most popular Holiday Cards (2 each of 5 designs), and a 6-pack of cards to suit other moments, from sympathy to celebrations (2 each of 3 designs).  The Hand-Made Blank Book is a perfect size to keep handy, and is filled with unlined sugar-cane paper, suitable for doodling, sketching, notes, etc..  The cover, picturing an older hound and a puppy symbolizing the old and new year changing places, makes it a perfect year's diary.  
Value: USD$40.00  

Donated byXan from

Starting bid: USD$10.00

-$15 Anonymous
-$40 Anonymous

-$ 50 Anonymous

Item # 6       

For the fashionable dog, some very special dog bling. 
Easy to move from one collar to another so you are always in style.
Created by Gerda Beintema from the Netherlands.

Donated by Gerda Beintema.


-$15 Anonymous
-$20 Melissa

Item # 7    

A Collection of Hound Literature
Six novels, all involving or starring greyhounds,   
and The Italian Greyhound Nuts and Bolts Book for All IG Lovers. 
I've been saving this collection for an auction like this.  With this 
stack on your bedside table, you'll be in an even bigger hurry to call it a day, so you can dive into these varied worlds, led by hounds with adventurous ways.  The IG book is a fabulous introduction to, and celebration of, the most diminutive sighthounds.  

Donated by Xan from

Starting bid: USD $7.00.

- $ 20  Cristina
- $ 30 Anonymous
- $ 36  Lee

- $  60  Lynn

Item # 8     

We didn't forget the dogowners that want to stay in fashion.  
All the way from Europe, a wonderful neckless created by 
Gerda Beintema from Atelier Hobbekol.

Donated by Gerda Beintema


- $15 Anonymous
-$ 20 Anonymous
-$ 40 Susan

item # 9

A single, 11 x 14 inch      
portrait of your pet drawn by the wonderful artist M.Paige. 
The portrait has a value of $ 75
Donated by : M.Paige Portraits


- $10  Xan Blackburn 
-$ 53 Josette Jacoby
- $ 80 Lynn
-$ 100 Hannie Maasdijk


Item # 10    

Set of 10 Little White Monster folded cards, blank inside, 4.5 by 5.5 inch with white envelopes.
Donated by the Little White Monster and Friends.

- $10 Aviva
- $12 Kim

- $15 Aviva
-$20 Anonymous
-$ 25 Anonymous
-$ 30 Anonymous
-$ 40 Cristina

Item # 11

The 2011 Hope for Hounds collar, from 2Hounds Design, 
just put out for sale last week ! 2 Hounds Design and Xan's Art designed a spectacularly beautiful collar for this year. Part of the funds from  the  purchase of this collar are going to Dr. Couto's cancer research program at Ohio State University. Your generous bids will go to help the Galgo's. It's a double win for the hounds!
The ribbon is a light blue jacquard weave, with bronze satin lining. The collar is 1.5" wide , size medium (14 - 18 inches),  brass hardware.

Because each order is custom sewn when it is ordered,  it may take up to 2 weeks after the end of the auction for you to receive the collar. The collar was ordered at the start of the auction.

Donated by Deb and  River City Gang to help their Spanish friends. 

Starting bid $25 

-$50  Mymaiddrivesaporche
-$ 60 Hanny Maasdijk
-$ 85 Lynn

item # 12

XL Nor'easter Blanket Coat by Zack & Zoey.

It is REVERSIBLE and really nice! It has reflective strips and paw print patterns on each side so it's great for night walks. The red side is water resistant with the plaid fleece lining. Reverse it, and the fleece side (also with reflective strips) gives a change of pace when water resistance isn't needed. It's shown on the 90 pound Rhodesian Ridgeback, Auggie and actually fits him pretty well, though could fit a slightly less muscular dog a bit better. It has wide, strong velcro closures in the front, and underneath.

This is for a dog approx. 24" from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. Suggested breeds are Collie, Golden Retriever, Lab, Vizsla, Weimeraner, Dalmatian, and I believe it would work well for a large Greyhound/Galgo.

It is machine washable, best to line dry.

Donated by Emily Danskin


-$35 Susanne Donofrio
-$40 andthepoolboydrivesamercedes
-$100 Anonymous

item # 13

This time it might be your lucky number!
Large Shimmer Suede Jacket with Hood by Casual Canine. It's a lime green with natural colored faux sheep trim and a satin lining for cooler weather. The hood detaches and leaves a nice stand up collar. It has velcro fastening strips in front and underneath. It's machine washable, but line dry. The measurements on this are listed as follows:
Base of neck to base of tail: 16 - 20"
Neck: 16 - 20"
Chest (around at the withers, behind elbow): 18 - 24"

Greyhound, Licorice, is not large (55 pounds), but is a bit too muscular for it to fit properly.  So a Whippet or other slightly shorter bodied dog would be an ideal fit. The sizing even suggests a Schnauzer.  The hood  buttons on and off of the coat.

Donated by Emily Danskin

-$ 40 Canthisbealteredtofitahummin
-$ 50 Cristina
Item # 14

Now here's the perfect collar for your hound: 
2 inch wide *HERO* martingale collar
Will be custom made to fit your pupper!

Collar sizes available:
♥ Small/Medium(fits neck size 13-17")
♥ Large (fits neck size 16-20")
♥ Extra Large (fits neck size 20-24")

Lining colour available:
♥ Red
♥ Royal Blue
♥ Black

Retails for $29.99

Donated by Carole and Chai at HuggableHound


-$ 15  Kathy Shannon
-$ 25 Lee
-$ 40 Lynn
-$ 45 Kathy Shannon
-$ 55 Anonymous
Item 15

Original artwork by the Dutch artist Pam Emmerik 
For a while she lived in Spain and became aware of the plight of the galgo's.
On November 16, 2010 her work portraying galgo's and their surroundings  was exhibited in the Thyssen Bornemitza Museum in Madrid.  
 11.8x 15.5 inch

Donated by BaasGalgo

Startingbid $50

-$ 50 Anonymous


Item 16

Original artwork by the Dutch artist Pam Emmerik 
For a while she lived in Spain and became aware of the plight of the galgo's.
On November 16, 2010 her work portraying galgo's and their surroundings  was exhibited in the Thyssen Bornemitza Museum in Madrid.  
 11.8x 15.5 inch

Donated by BaasGalgo

Startingbid $50

-$ 50 Anonymous
-$ 60 Susan
Item 17

Original artwork by the Dutch artist Pam Emmerik 
For a while she lived in Spain and became aware of the plight of the galgo's.
On November 16, 2010 her work portraying galgo's and their surroundings  was exhibited in the Thyssen Bornemitza Museum in Madrid.  
 11.8x 15.5 inch

Donated by BaasGalgo

Startingbid $50

-$ 55  Anonymous
-$ 75 Lynn


Item 18

A beautiful soft, hand made red leather collar
with gold stars, all the way from the UK
Winner please contact giving size required and the collar will be made to order

Donated by Toni Collard


-$20 Anna Carson
-$40 Anonymous


Item 19

Now here's a fun item:
a GR8HOUND licenseplatesign, 
18 inches long and 9 1/2 inches high, 
made of redwood.
A colorful addition to your garden.

Donated by: Lee Minardi

-$ 20 Anonymous
-$28 Anna Carson
-$50 Suzanne Donofrio
-$60 Aviva
-$100 Suzanne Donofrio


Item 20

Who wouldn't want to be nice and warm at those cold winter nights?
Your chance to bid on these greyhound Jammies made to your wishes with a value of $35.
Custom made out of fleece in a color of your choice. 
(shown fabric is no longer available)

Donated and made by Barbara York

-$20 Anonymous
-$ 40 Emily Danskin
-$ 75 Anonymous
-$ 85 Anonymous
-$110 Anonymous