Monday, May 30, 2011

Update on Villa Galgos

Up date on Villa Galgos (Villa del Rió, Córdoba)

Dear all,

Now 10 days after the terrible flood that destroyed most of our shelter I would like to let you now how we are doing at the moment.

All puppies and weak galgos are in foster care. The puppies where doing very badly and have been in the clinic for almost a week. They had both corona virus and parvo virus. Little Dali died but his brothers and sisters are doing much better and we think they will survive. 

Adult, weak galgos are in foster care and are doing alright. The dogs at the shelter have had severe diareah but are doing much better know. They have been under control of the vet that has come several time to the shelter and treated them. Unfortunately the vet bills will be very high this time.

Inside we have been able to clean everything, all mud out and the galgos are well taken care of. We bought a Karcher to clean. Now we have to start fixing the things that broke.

The outside is an other story, volunteers have been cleaning but we need to get the machines in.
Since the whole village was damaged finally tomorrow they will come and will clean the whole plot. 

After this we will start with the reconstruction of the outside.

An architect (for free) will look into this because we need to avoid floods in the future.

What has happened this time is a natural disaster but we have suffered floods before and will do all what is in our hands to avoid it and make sure the shelter is a safe and healthy place for our beloved galgos.

We have received donations from people and hope to collect some more in order to start building the new fences, doors etc…

I will keep you updated.

Best wishes,
Sandra Baas

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