Sunday, May 22, 2011

The galgo's are drowning

Dear friends
This is a desperate call for help.
On the 18th of May a terrible rainfall completely detriyed the shelterof BaasGalgo, in the city of Rio, in Southern Spain.
100 Spanish greyhounds (galgos) have nowhere to live, a lot have died already. All our buildings have been destroyed. The situation is awful. We can say that WE HAVE LOST EVERYTHING. A group of volunteers is trying to find shelter for the galgos and to rescue whatever material we can, but the facilities have been so badly affected that we don’t think we’ll manage to save anything. On top of that we have lost all of the medicines for the galgos, their beds, food, basically everything.
This catastrophe means that everything BassGalgo worked for in these past few years has gone to pieces in this flood.
However, we must keep fighting. Maybe, with your help, will we be able to start building some facilities and give shelter to these 100 galgos in the near future. It’s really hard to believe but we might just make it, with your support. We promise to keep you informed of all the evolutions.
Any type of help will be welcome. You can join us in this email addess : You can also help us financially on the following account

Banco Santander 0049-1220-40-2710131572
I.B.A.N.: ES22 0049 1220 4027 1013 1572

Thank you SO MUCH for your help


  1. Oh man! I had no idea of this. Thanks for posting this, Petra. I'm going to share the info around, too.

  2. I hadn't heard this until I saw your post about the auction! I'll be happy to share it so people can see!

  3. Hi Houndstooth sent us across and we'll happily share the link on Twitter and Facebook too xx

  4. Thank you!

    Please share the auction also, all during the auction new items will be added.


  5. Petra, can you post the auction info and link here on your blog?

  6. Posted on my blog as well. :D

  7. Xan, the auction is here on the blog.
    It is the newest entry!!!!